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Corty Bennett was born in 1991 with the objective of producing and selling leather garments tailored to the likings and needs of consumers, differing from the beginning classic and young lines. Since then it has gained the trust of its customers every year, standing today as one of the leading companies in the Spanish market.

Corty Bennett is a very agile company, which renews its collections every few months. It has a wide range of coats, jackets, dresses, pants, skirts, ..... Made from sheep skin, pig, goat, mink, rabbit,..., and caring both manufacturing and quality control, as well as the finishes and accessories.

There are three benchmarks, while CB is the standard with modern clothing and universal, Solider skins noblest works with higher added value, and is the brand Troblos tighter prices.

Corty Bennett's merit is providing fresh air to a verytraditional sector as is leather goods in Spain. With its team of designers, who bet on creativity and the latest trends, the firm is known for its lines and finishes, adjusting it in the current economic situation. For this reason, in recent years, has also opted for innovativing solutions that let enjoying leather garments in good quality at very attractive prices, adapting to current consumer's pocket.

This ability to provide a differentiated product with an excellent price-valued approach has enabled the international market. Today, their catalog is very popular in countries like France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Lebanon, Jordan, Mexico and Hong Kong. In this area, the future in order to consolidate Corty Bennett is export to new markets in Asia.


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